A new technical revolution created for you!

A careful evolution of the movement, also transforming it into a smoothing system.

Revolution, an innovative system that, without ammonium thioglycolate, allows you to smooth hair naturally without damaging the structure thanks to the hydrolyzed keratin that restores the marrow providing nourishment and hydration.

From the union of Revolution and Movirè a gelatinous performing liquid is formed that is easy to use thanks also to the original silicone bands that allow a quick smoothing.

Step 2 smoothing Hair memorizes the smoothing leaving the hair hydrated and nourished thanks to the active ingredients of marine collagen, soya and wheat proteins.

This is the definitive evolution of the Revolution smoothing product created for biological hair straightening without ammonium thioglycolates or ammonia.

Thanks to the synergy of arginine, cysteine and a series of low molecular weight keratin amino acids (which guarantees greater penetration into the shaft), Upgrade Revolution is able to make hair completely smooth, eliminate frizz and decrease volume definitively.
It is used on natural hair, colored and with some streaks: it is adaptable to any type of structure.