Oxygen therapy is the new frontier of beauty and physical health. Every cell in our body needs oxygen, the aging process of the skin also depends on the level of oxygen it contains and with the passing of the years, in fact, oxygen deposits decrease. First of all it is important to know the fundamental role of oxygen in our life, experts and doctors have stated that the lack of the right percentage of oxygen in the tissues can cause numerous problems; on the contrary, perfect oxygenation has considerable benefits.

In treatments, the purpose of oxygen is to stimulate at the tissue level to nourish and oxygenate the cells using a spray system that carries and nebulizes an oxygen-activated liquid on the skin. Thanks to this therapy, the skin recovers its elasticity in tone by stimulating the regeneration of collagen, it also has a detoxifying power. The secret is precisely the combined synergy between oxygen and specially designed products. Oxygen therapy also has a positive effect on hair and skin care. Oxygen stimulates the micro-circulation of the scalp and hair follicles, facilitates cell renewal, curbing loss and promotes hair growth.


– helps natural hair regrowth

– stimulates and remineralizes hair weakened by chemical treatments, stress, hormonal or seasonal factors

– normalizes sebaceous secretion

– eliminates dandruff

– stimulates skin cell renewal by exerting an anti-aging, firming and even curative action in the case of acne, spots and wrinkles

-Improves the softness and shine of damaged and nourishing hair

Il video è stato fatto utilizzando il modello precedente, presto online il video con il nuovo modello Oxykure con tecnologia Skin Scrub integrata.