The cold as elixir of youth
Criokure is a step forward in research that Wakeup has undertaken to develop new tools for the hair care thanks to cold therapy.
The anti age effects of cryotherapy have long been known in the cosmetic industry, through the ability to stimulate circulation, encourage the disposal of toxins and develops an important anti age effect on the tissues.
Criokure is the new frontier in the treatments against the hair deterioration, ideal for improving the performance of smoothing, keratin treatments and restructuring complex.
Tests in our laboratories have shown that the low operating temperatures of Criokure joined to the binomial Keratree conditioner/Kera Pure close the hair scales after any treatment giving a healthy, bright and robust look thanks to the keratin and collagen combination.
Criokure reaches a maximum temperature of -15° allowing the hair to incorporate the retreaders principles or withstand important chemical interventions and avoid exploiting or dehydration that happens with standard technical tools at high temperatures.
The Criokure system it can be used on every type of hair for the following services:
Reconstruction: to make hair reconstruction visibly improving the structure

“Freeze your fold: before the fold, it provides more support (use the straightener with conditioner or cream)

Post stress retreading: after a generic chemical service stress (discoloration or curl) to restructure hair

After color or after toning: to preserve the color life and provide greater brightness and softness
In all cases the treatment significantly speeds up the drying time!