Wakeup Status Factory is born from the visionary idea of Marco Brambillasca that, after 30 years of long apprenticeship in the cosmetic industry, gave birth to his own brand with the purpose to pursue strictly the made  in Italy.

Attention to market trends and relentless research in the technological field allowed him to reach in a short span excellent results, that they put in the hand of the professionals the instruments and the winning work philosophies!


Wakeup, an italian success!

A real synergy of businessmen, artists, histories and different experiences gave birth to a company with very clear ideas: Wakeup!

Our intention is to be the best in the hairstyle world, not by copying others’ ideas, but using the expertise of our associates and technicians to create our lines.

Wakeup is a brand that is born for the professional that wants to anticipate market trends. The future must be planned and organized in a sustainable manner and this is our philosophy.

Our focus is care and style, but leaving the two separate.

The treatment line pursues important goals respecting a sustainable philosophy that, thanks to the use of organic and biological certified ingredients, guarantees high quality results, while cares about the environment and health.

The glamorous and trendy aspect is pursued thanks to different technical instruments designed for the professional that wants reliable results with the Rockstar line.


Marco Brambillasca

Marco Brambillasca

Wakeup Inside group


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